4 Web Design Trends Your Small Business Should Follow

For any small business to remain successful and live up to its hype, you need a highly functioning web page. With today’s digital economy gaining more popularity and a challenging competition to occupy the top position, your small business will be able to fulfil its financial obligations and profits through the operation of a well designed website. It is important to know as a small business owner that trends often change with events. It is excruciating that most online business owners often focus only on their service or product. However, staying on the cutting edge of web design trends will help you reap the importance and value of your business. In this content, you will discover four web design agency trends your small business should follow, time and again.

Grid Layouts:

A great web design trend that can help your business become successful is grid layout. Irrespective of the business you operate, it is important to consider user experience. To bolster better user experience, your online business website can adopt a grid layout idea. One amazing function of a grid layout is to help your clients quickly view the product you market. In fact, it will help them to view each product is a logical and organised way. 

Ghost Buttons:

Another popular trend to watch out for is the ghost button. It is also called hollow button with great features to help your small business. There are classic ghost button features that can be found in Ender’s Game, Star Trek reboot, and Ironman. Ghost button web trend has been gaining popularity due to the positive results it offers to websites. As the name implies, it is a good web design system that can change the look of your website with the click of a button. A good example can be found in the likes of “Start”, “Setting”, “Click here” and just to mention a few. It can be used to draw an effective call to action for prospective visitors and veteran customers. 

Large Fonts And Images:

Some online business owners often get worried when their conversion rate is low. This is because your website may not be engaging or compelling to visitors. Using a web page that contains large images may be a great way to capture the attention of prospective visitors. Fonts are also an amazing typographical trend that has been gaining momentum since 2014. Large fonts will blend effectively with your website layout to provide an engaging display for visitors. 

Video Backgrounds:

Just two years ago, the traditional image sliders were escorted out of the web design trend. In replacement, the WebM HTML5 video started to gain ground and triumph until this day. Big companies such as Squarespace and PayPal have quickly jumped to the moving train. The video background will help visitors to quickly see the image of what they view. It is a more effective web design trend that will not take much time for images to load. The quality of a video background in any website remains highly impressive. You can use this web design trend for your small business website today and experience quick results.